Electrical Systems Instructor CD

The latest HVAC Electrical Systems Instructor CD contains over 1200 slides beginning with basic electrical theory and progressing to all areas of heating, air conditioning, heat pumps, and commercial refrigeration. Also included is electrical installation which covers wiring materials, wire sizing, electrical panels, circuit breakers, and more.

Each lesson has text slides that introduce or explain a concept, and then animated slides follow to expand or clarify the concept visually for the viewer.

There are interactive Review Questions at the end of each section. All lessons now come with grayscale or color print-ready slides in a separate file for your student handouts.

The HVAC Electrical Systems Instructor CD covers the following subject matter:

  • Electrical Fundamentals
    • Atoms, Electrons, Ohm's Law, and Resistance
    • AC and DC Current
    • Meters, Circuits, Loads, and Switches
    • Symbols and Wiring Diagrams
  • Motors and Motor Starting
    • Fan Motors
    • Contactors and Motor Starters
    • Troubleshooting Motors
    • Compressor Relays and Capacitors
  • HVACR Controls and Devices
    • Thermostats and Heating Controls
    • Relays, Refrigeration Controls, and Timers
  • HVACR Electrical Installation
    • Power Distribution, Delta and Wye Systems
    • Wire Sizing and Materials
    • Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers, Disconnects, and Fuses
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